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India Market Entry Services

A Smart Move May Change Your Destiny…….….Destination India!

India is world’s third largest economy (Purchasing Power Parity) that offers a plethora of growth opportunities for global businesses especially those in healthcare and life-sciences sectors. As per IMF India’s 2.9 Trillion US Dollar Economy in 2019 was the fifth Largest Economy globally  (Nominal GDP) and its GDP has been growing at CAGR of 5.8% for last two decades. The country trains highest number of Scientists, Doctors, Nurses and other Healthcare professionals in the world and is a global leader in knowledge and innovation driven sectors like Information Technology, Telecom & Healthcare. In 2019 over 1000 startups started their operations in India.

India is home to 1350 Million people ( second largest population in the world) with around  65% of its population below 35 years of age offering a unique "demographic dividend" to the country's economy.  Govt. of India is targeting to make India a US$ 5.0 Trillion Economy in next 5 years and to achieve this ambitious target, the Govt of India has launched multiple initiatives aimed at attracting Foreign Investment and propel economic growth. The Govt has simplified the process of  starting and setting up business in India and rationalized  tax rates to make them globally competitive. Further procedures and Processes for Foreign Investment and FDI in Business and Trade has been simplified with up to 100% FDI allowed in major sectors.

Series of Economic Reforms over last few years have resulted in significant improvement in Ease of Doing Business Rankings of the country.

India’s unique demographics, medical manpower, clinical knowledgebase and health infrastructure offers opportunities for Healthcare, Life-Sciences and Support Sectors in areas like: 

1. Clinical Research including Preclinical & Clinical Trials. 

2. Setting up High Quality  and Cost Effective Drug Manufacturing Units.

3. Research, Innovation, Prototyping & Validation for Medical Devices, Biotech & Healthcare Technologies.

4. Manufacturing of high quality and affordable biomedical devices and instruments.

5. Healthcare Insurance & Claims Processing in India.

6. Clinical Data Management ( including Diseases Data).

7. A.I, Block chain and HealthTech Startups.

8. Huge Market for Luxury, Cosmetic and Lifestyle related health and beauty products.

9. Setting up of  Healthcare Delivery Infrastructure and Services in areas of Primary Healthcare, Disease Management, Secondary & Tertiary and Quaternary healthcare.

10. Telemedicine for both primary including advanced  technologies like Tele-ICU.

11. Mobile Health and Delivery of  Healthcare, Drugs and Clinical Diagnostics using technology.

12. Medical Travel:  Both inbound and outbound Medical Travel opportunities.

13. Long Term & Terminal Care Centers and Healthcare at Home.

14. Setting Up Holistic/ Integrative Wellness Centers that blend Modern Medicine with Yoga & Ayurveda.

Challenges of doing business in India: Starting up a Business in India is a very lucrative value proposition that can fuel the global growth of any business entity however doing  business in any new market especially  an emerging marker like India business has its own set of unique challenges  that may include:

a. Cultural  Differences especially  in perception  of people and understanding of customer needs.

b. Difference in operating environment of business especially macro and microeconomic factors affecting business cycles in the new market.

c. Limited understanding of geographic terrain, environmental and ethical issues in the new market.

d. Difficulty in working with multiple regulatory and compliance agencies.

e. Finding right kind  local partner.

f. Hiring the right kind of leadership team and board of advisors.

g. Limited understanding of  Socio-Political and Economic Risks

Our India Market Entry Advisory Services: We offer a comprehensive range of  India Market Entry Services to Global Healthcare and Life Sciences companies including setting up of a legal entity and representative  office, hiring of leadership team and advisory board,  finding a local Strategic / Business Partner, Market Research, setting up Channels for Marketing and reaching out to Key Opinion Leaders In fields like Healthcare Delivery, Medicine, Biotech, Health-Tech, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices: 

1.  Market Research and Due Diligence:  Analyzing Fitment of Product or Service for Indian Market,  current & future outlook of the market sector, Competitive Analysis, Pricing Strategy & Product Positioning.

2.  Developing India Market Entry Strategy & Business Plan: With a very clear focus on client’s objectives, we develop a strategic business plan that  integrates client’s priorities with the Indian market seamlessly. Our go to market plan incorporates innovative insights with winning strategies while providing a clear financial picture.

3.  Implementation: We handhold  our clients in all aspect of the project execution including supporting our clients with:

i.   Incorporation of legal entity in India: Company registration, Regulatory Permits, Opening Bank accounts.

ii.  Setting Up India Office: Finding the right location  with in India  to actual processing of leasing office space.

iii. Corporate Services: Company Tax & Ownership Structure complying with Reserve Bank of India (RBI) policies & accounting and compliance services.

iv.  Advise on Govt Policies & Regulations, Subsidies or Incentives Government Policies that may impact or benefit the client.

v.  Partner Search: We help you in finding a local partner for Joint Venture or M&A activities and help  in negotiations and signing of final contract.

vi. Setting Up Advisory Board or Board of Directors: We will help  you in getting Key Opinion Leaders in the Industry as members of Advisory Board or as Independent Board Members.

vii. Executive Search:  We will help you to hire  a core leadership team and also support you in hiring middle managers and other HR activities.

viii. Distribution Channels and Warehousing: We help you to set up a distributor network, warehousing ,Supply Chain Management, align with e-commerce platforms across India.

ix.  Digital Marketing: We have a strong team to support you with digital marketing, branding and activities like website development.

x.   Engagement  with KOLs: We help you to engage with Key Opinion Leaders,  Doctors and Healthcare CXOs across India.

xi.  Event Management: We have experience in organizing National and International events including conferences as well as digital webinars.

xii.  Prototyping, Clinical Validation and Clinical Trials: We help innovators in getting their product tested at leading clinical research institutes in India.